Thursday, December 26, 2013

Utility Bag

This bag can be used for keeping grocery bags. I have used as a carry bag holder for keeping all carry bags and take one out from the other end.

Materials needed:

            Any fabric – 16” * 20”
            2 pieces of elastic - 5”
            One ribbon


  • Sew the shorter side by having right sides of fabric together.
  • Take the fabric out and sew in the same side by having wrong sides together. Now the fabric will be cylindrical in shape.
  • Now fold the top side by folding once by 1/8” and fold again for ¼” and press. Sew it by leaving 2” opening for inserting elastic. Similarly do the same in the bottom side.
  • Sew the ribbon on top side for hanging. I have sewed a fabric by having Velcro in both sides instead of ribbon.
  • Insert elastic in both sides and sew the opening.
  • Now it’s ready and enjoy using it.
  • Here is my bag.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


This is the first time my daughter is coloring on top of salt. She started by coloring normally and she saw something comes off in brush. Then she started asking me what is this, and then I told her not to spread the paint, just touch the salt. She did and got very happy by seeing it spreading. Here is the picture after coloring is done.

Materials Needed:

            Thick sheet of paper [chart]
            Powdered salt
            Water color, brush and water


  • Take one thick sheet of paper, draw some design and glue on top of it.
  • Put some powdered salt on top of glue and remove the excess.Below is the picture of it.
  • Salt will get stuck on glue and make it to dry.
  • Take water color and brush.
  • Dip the brush in water and load the brush with some color and start coloring on it.

  • Just touch the salt by the tip of the brush and observe how it spreads.
  • Let it dry for sometime and enjoy your work.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Button Up Snake

This is very simple idea for kids busy bag which makes kids engaged and to learn buttoning. It can be used for kids of age one and half years.   

Materials Needed:

            6 inches of ribbon
            Few colors of felt
            One button
            One small cardboard

  1. First cut 2” by 2” felt in all colors and make slit in the center for buttonhole.
  2. Sew button in one side of ribbon.
  3. Cardboard also has to be in same size as 2” by 2”.
  4. Paste the other end of ribbon to center of cardboard.
  5. Now it’s ready to play.

 This can also be done by sewing two buttons in each end of ribbon and can be used for color sorting, finding shapes also.
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Lego Bag

Here is the toy bag which can be used for keeping play things.

Materials Needed:

            1Yard of two cotton fabrics [Any fabric]
            1.5 Yard of ribbon for drawstring
            Other sewing supplies
It came pretty well. It can be used as a play mat and also a bag to carry Lego blocks.

This is the bag as the play mat.

This is how when folding...

And finally...

Followed the tutorial from Ribbon Retreat blog.

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